Knot Today!

Fairy Knots and how to prevent them.

Single strand knots (trichonodosis) are definitely a nightmare, especially during the colder months.  Many kinky, curly and coily peeps have probably found out that single strand knots come with the territory of being a natural.  I hate the feel and look of pesky little knots that appear on the lower end of the hair…and those double strand ones…OMG!  The good news is even though they are totally unavoidable, you can decrease the amount of knots in your hair tremendously by taking a different approach to your hair care routine.  Here are some tricks to decreasing those pesky little knots:

1) Seal your ends regularly.  I usually seal with a butter (shea) or oil (castor, olive, jojoba or coconut).  Make sure to apply a water based moisturizer before sealing.

2)  Keep your hair stretched.  Straighter hair has a harder time knotting.  Two strand twists have become my best friend during the winter months.  Not only does it help in stretching my hair, but it protects my hair and helps to distribute moisture and oil to the ends of my hair.  Other styles to consider include braids, braid outs, bantu knot outs, buns, etc.).

3)  Moisturize and deep condition-then deep condition some more!  Hot oil treatments and mayonnaise treatments have worked miracles on my hair.  If your hair is conditioned and moisturized, then it is less likely to have knots and split ends.  Sometimes after moisturizing my hair I sleep with a plastic cap under my silk scarf.  My coils and curls are beautifully moisturized and soft in the morning.

4)  Wear a silk scarf, satin cap or sleep on a silk pillowcase at night to protect and prevent the hair from snagging, rubbing, drying and breaking.

5)  Don’t leave your hair out as much and decrease the wash and go’s.  Leaving the hair out so much can be disastrous during the winter months.  Wearing hats/caps are good too, but be sure to protect your hair even under the caps by maybe wearing a silk scarf.  It really depends on what style you are going for.

6)  Use a wide tooth comb for styling and detangling.  Finger combing is also good.  Remember to detangle from the bottom of the hair upwards to the root, and to use a little water if needed.

When all else fails and you are still plagued with knots, just clip them off using the search and destroy method.  Sometimes I do this just because I hate how the knots feel and look. (Do not break or tear them off, as this can cause further damage to the hair.)

You will still get fairy knots from time to time, but hopefully the above tips help!  If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them.

Learn, Laugh, Grow and Live!

Peace and Blessings!

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