10Essentials for Healthy Hair (1-5)

Unhealthy hair that’s frizzy, limp, dry, brittle, dirty and full of split ends is unattractive.  Below are just some of my top essentials for healthy hair.  They are in no specific order, but I have found that they have worked for me. 

1) Water: Water is a chemical substance that is essential to human life.  Think about it, your body is up of close to 80% water, depending on your size.  Most health advocates recommend at least 6-8 glasses of water a day to keep our bodies properly hydrated.  Water not only cleanses the body of impurities, but it acts as a moisturizer for our hair.  Hair naturally grows from the inside to the outside of our scalp.  Water energizes the nerve endings on our scalp and roots.  When our bodies have adequate water, then our hair looks healthy, shiny, supple and soft…it’s necessary for healthy hair growth.  Since our hair and nails are last to receive water and nutrients, it is necessary for us to drink an adequate amount of water.  For the kinky, curly, coily people, don’t be afraid of spraying some water on your hair every day.  It keeps our hair soft and is the basic form of moisture.

2) Use the right Hair Tools: Hair tools can aid in hair growth or assist in hair loss.  Some of my hair tools include a wide tooth/shower comb, soft boar bristle brush, ouchless hair bands/ponytail holders and a satin or silk scarf.  The key is less manipulation on your tresses.  Be as gentle as possible because the more you yank, pull or play rough, the more hair you lose, which can lead to extensive damage over time.  I have type 4 hair, and finger combing works fine for me most of the time.  Try not to comb your hair when it is dry.  Combing should only be done when the hair is wet or with some sort of conditioner in itProtective styling is also great.  Some people may not like protective styling because it can become boring after a while, but do whatever works best for your schedule and sense of style.

3) Carrier oils and Essential oils: Essential oils are great; not only are they therapeutic, but they stimulate the hair follicles to promote hair growth.  (I’m am not very fond of petroleum-based products, but if they work for you, then by all means use what works best).   Carrier oils are plant-based and derive from a plant, seed, nut or kernel.  Essential oils are extracted from portions of the plant such as leaves, barks and roots, have a distinct aroma and evaporate more easily.  With this in mind, it is important to note that not all essential oils are created equal, and some of them are artificial and synthetic and used as perfume or fragrant oils.  Pure essential oils should be diluted either with water or carrier oils for best results. 

Carrier oils                           

Sweet almond oil,    Grapeseed oil,    Castor oil,    Jojoba oil,   

 Olive oil,    Emu Oil,    Evening primrose,    Avocado oil,   

Aloe Vera oil,    Sesame oil,    Wheatgerm oil,    Rosehip oil,   

Coconut oil 

Essential Oils 

Rosemary oil,    Lemon oil,    Peppermint oil,    Tea Tree oil,

Ylang-ylang oil,    Sage oil,    Basil oil,    Lavender oil,

Thyme oil,    Chamomile oil,    Grapefruit oil,   

Cypress oil,    Orange oil                                

4) Diet and Hair vitamins: Eating a healthy diet rich of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, vegetables and protein will not only lead to a healthy head of flowing hair, but supple skin.  Try to keep processed foods, cookies, starches, soft drinks and sugars at a minimum.  A balanced diet is necessary for good health and beauty.  If you feel as if you are not getting the essential vitamins and minerals naturally, try a multivitamin supplement.

5) A good shampoo: Too much shampoo is harmful to kinky, curly and coily textured hair.  Most shampoos contain sulphates which can strip the hair of its natural oils, causing it to become dry and brittle.  I prefer to dilute my shampoos with water or use a non-sulphate shampoo.  Only shampoo your hair when needed.  A good shampoo and conditioner is essential in replenishing the hair.  Most of the time, a conditioner wash will suffice. 

Lesson: Healthy hair starts with a positive mind, body, spirit and attitude.  What’s on the inside will always reflect outwards. 

Learn, Laugh, Grow and Live!

Peace and Blessings!


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